20+ Insanely Cool Basement Bar Ideas for Your Home

Well, for those of you who want to build basement bar in your home, keep in mind that the interior design bar can not be in number two, because the comfort factor of family and friend is the goal.

Basement bar with contemporary design can make them feel cool to chat with their friends.

The design of the cafe is identical with some seats in a row lined up facing a long cafe table.

In every corner was decorated with other tables and other chairs with an attractive design.

The idea of ​​a variety of interior design cafe that can be taken to design the dining room in your home.

Basement Bar Furniture

Selection of furniture for basement bar must also be considered. Usually a concept like this will match the dominant wood furniture, and give a touch of motif on the bar table to look not boring.

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Ever heard of the concept of scandinavian, well this can be an alternative for those who want to build a cool cafe with a low budget. Why is that?


Because the concept of Scandinavian is a simple concept, which tends to be dominated by white or other bright colors, and a little extra touch of striking colors like yellow or green tosca.

Using this concept, you do not need to give excessive accents or install full-pattern wallpapers or put a lot of decorations on the wall.

Because the concept is simple, the concept of Scandinavian is suitable to be applied in a room that is not too broad, for example if your bar will be placed in a small or medium-sized basement.

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But if you already have a large basement space, you can use modern industrial concepts.

Remember! A cozy bar does not always have to use expensive sofas and furniture. And it is very thick with industrial interior.

But the actual industrial concept also uses a lot of old furniture impression (the price is still quite expensive).

So in this concept added the word ‘modern’ which means you do not need to add the old impression, but can use recycled furniture.

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