23+ Amazing Summer Cabin Lake for Vacation

Amazing Summer Cabin Lake. Open houses, even houses in plantation or rural areas seem very simple, fresh, friendly and comfortable.Even more comfortable if we live there with our beloved family.

Houses with rural style can be represented by elements of wood, stone, flowers and plants. The combination of these elements if mixed together harmoniously will result in a spectacular stopover house as follows.

You who live in urban areas with a rather wide land can also cheat on creative ideas from the concept of the following rural houses. What kind of residence is your family’s dream for? Come on, listen.

Wood with simple pieces illustrates the character of the home and the personality of the people who live in the countryside. Wood is identical with strong and sturdy.

Likewise, asymmetrical roof designs are characteristic of rural homes. With a touch of designer and modern architectural techniques can provide more harmonizing effects on this building.

The choice of natural stone arranged as a wall also emphasizes its own strength and attractiveness in color harmonization during the stone preparation process. Simple, but not that simple.

Simple impressions remain prominent in this country house building. Wood with finishing takes out the original wood fiber color, with a blue combination makes a unique effect on the window. Incoming pots, brick segments, wooden door designs, bamboo fences and roof shapes form a beautiful blend like in fairy tales

Choosing kitchen equipment and retro and vintage elements will bring a lot of style to this kitchen. Hanging kitchen utensils is characteristic of rural areas including in Asia.

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This method seems to be an arena for exhibiting the performance of kitchen utensils in terms of color, material and shape.

The feeling of kinship is also very thick in the countryside, indicated by a large kitchen and a large size of cooking utensils so that it is almost certain that often there are shared meals both formal and informal.

Rural areas are always synonymous with good views and fresh air. So providing a balcony and terrace is mandatory. This design combines the terrace as a place to enjoy fresh air as well as a place to enjoy warm tea while sitting around or playing with friends and family.

Not all cabins must, of course, be made of rustic or traditional wood or stone and for example, buttons. Concrete will be another great ally because he can create the impression of being very traditional and peaceful. The cause of spending a quiet vacation here to relax and renew energy, is it unthinkable?

Almost everyone has ever wanted to have a house in a tree to enjoy the green of trees or just enjoy the sensation of being at a height. This wooden-based house seems to be close to the dream of childhood.

In areas with 4 seasons the existence of a fireplace is mandatory. Fireplace as a traditional “heating machine” can be a typical accessory in rural areas.

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With a solid stone wall and recycle used tables and a choice of sofas with natural colors will provide a rustic style. This kind of space will bring us truly to forget the crowded and crowded big cities.

The house with the following cabin and roof structure has a Macado rural style. The proportion of light and contrast between black and white and large glass evokes a more modern and contemporary aesthetic trend. Why not enter the style in your home? Beautiful isn’t it?

This white nuance bedroom reminds the grandmother’s bedroom, but with the latest design touches. No doubt, white may be the right color to get quality sleep. The combination of bright colors, wooden beams, vintage furniture and floral elements can find a very romantic and stunning feel.

The natural element is very thick in this stairway. The choice of natural stone, hanging wooden beams and wooden ceilings shows a traditional atmosphere. The design of floating stairs in the form of logs cut into the wall gives the feeling that this house is arranged with original and creative ideas.

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