23+ Best Kitchen and Pantry Organization Ideas You Will Love

Best Kitchen and Pantry Organization Ideas. Unlike the kitchen, the pantry is a special room that functions as a place to store cooking utensils, food ingredients, even a place to prepare ingredients before being processed. Today, the presence of pantry is commonly found in our homes.

Derived from the French word “paneterie”, pantry is usually not very large. The average pantry will only take up space with a door to maintain the quality of the objects stored.

Loaded with various objects, both cooking utensils and cooking ingredients, tactics and methods for storing all these items are needed.

1. Choose Paint Color Neutral For Pantry Organization

The shape of the small pantry will look more crowded and stuffy if you are not careful in choosing paint colors in the pantry room. Try with neutral colored paint, for example white, ash or cream. These cool colors have a reflective nature, which is even brighter when illuminated by light.

Additional tips for the appearance of a more beautiful pantry is to choose baskets, shelves, jars and other storage that are also similar in color. If it is not possible, try to keep choosing colors that are close together so that the pantry looks neat and clean at all times.

2. Take advantage of transparent containers

Especially for food ingredients, it is easier if you directly store cereals, wheat flour, sugar, to other food ingredients with the original packaging.

But imagine how irregular the pantry will be at home. It is better to move every food ingredient that has been purchased in a uniform range of new jars or containers.

You are also recommended to choose transparent jars or containers because they are easy to find when needed. In addition, labeling also makes it practical.

Don’t forget to make a note of the date of each ingredient’s expiration date, just paste it on the lid of the jar and always update it every time you fill it.

3. Enable Side Door Pantry

Try the pantry room by utilizing the door part. You can install this vertical room with various hooks, hangers, or shelves to store various additional objects.

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Because of the nature of the pantry door that is often closed for access, avoid placing loads that are too heavy or light.

The pantry side of the door is ideal for being used as a place to hang cooking utensils as long as the total weight of the hanged object does not obstruct the pantry access.

4. Hanging Rack Installation

If the pantry has a narrow elongated shape, the right solution is to install the hanging shelves to the maximum in the pantry.

Place items that are rarely used on the top wall shelves, for example cooking equipment that you only remove at certain moments. Instead, put the ingredients used every day on a lower shelf.

5. Present Drawers

Pantry is generally dominated by shelves. If you have a large pantry room, consider bringing in drawers that can be opened and closed easily.

These tips will be quite effective because many of the usual ingredients accumulate and must be removed immediately. So instead of displaying these materials and blocking other access, store them in a cabinet or cabinet to maintain their quality.

The number of cooking utensils often makes the kitchen seem messy and piled up. Especially if your kitchen does not have a kitchen set. Special tricks are needed to make the kitchen always neat. Here are some things you can do to arrange the kitchen without a kitchen set.

Take advantage of Blank Walls

Take advantage of the empty wall area in the kitchen. Blank walls can be used to hang cooking utensils. You just have to set up a simple hanging rack and nails.

Hanging racks can be used to put pots, glasses or cups. If there is an empty wall area above the sink, you can place the dish rack which serves to drain the water after washing so that it is neater.

Use a Vertical Rack

If you have a kitchen that is not so wide, you can outsmart it using a vertical cabinet or rack to save space. It would be better if without a cover or transparent glass cabinet so that the room still looks spacious.

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Vertical shelves can be used to store cutlery, spices, or dry food ingredients such as sardines, corned beef, instant noodles, and so on. Arrange in such a way that it is easy to pick up when needed and stay neat.

Take advantage of the bottom of the sink

The bottom of the sink tends to be empty. Many people ignore this area, even if you are careful you can use it for storage.

You can use it to store items, such as trash cans, floor cleaning fluids, dish soap stockings, large size pans, and so on.

Utilizing Cabinet Doors

If you have one cupboard, make the most of it. Don’t just go in the closet, but also the inside door to place the recipe. The trick is easy, make a simple bag to stick to the door.

While the front of the door can be used as a place to stick to the shelf. This shelf can be used to store kitchen spices.

Use a basket

If your kitchen is too small for a cabinet, you can use a basket as a storage area.

Store kitchen utensils in the basket, stack stacked baskets to save space. Thus the items are more neat and organized, easy to pick up when needed.

For storage of large size kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans and so on, try by storing them by stacking. Sort from the largest to the smallest size. This method of preparation is useful for saving space and making the room tidier and cleaner.

6. Cleanliness of the Pantry Floor

Often you will find a pantry floor that is crowded with objects. Ideally, the pantry floor under the shelves is left without goods, or at least become a multi functional storage area. Use a trolley that has a wheel attached. Every time you have to clean the pantry floor, just slide the trolley.

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