23+ Inspiring Corridors Design for Your House

Inspiring Corridors Design for Your House. Corridors, or areas after the entrance of the house are like business cards. This is the part that guests will see first. So it is natural that the arrangement in this area cannot be modest.

Many people believe, only the corridors of whole houses can be arranged and attract attention, both inside and outside the home.

How about the apartment? Outside areas in some types of apartments are difficult to change. To replace the door with a more attractive one is also difficult, because the process is clearly noisy and will disturb the neighbors.

So, how about changing the interior of the door?

Let’s look at some examples of home corridor designs that can be applied simply. Can be applied to wide or narrow corridors.

1. White and light

This beautiful arrangement is a proof, just because a room is narrow is not a reason not to beautify it. This room is decorated with a small table, a small mirror, and a small bench to sit while taking off shoes.

Everything appears in bright colors, matching the color of the walls and other furniture. This layout managed to provide the desired identity of this apartment.

The two large mirrors opposite and the sweet lights contribute to the dazzling effect, and illuminate the room with soft light.

2. Ornaments and wood panels

A table that is not too wide and easy to move can be an alternative to beautify the apartment corridor that is not wide.

This furniture can be placed right in front of the entrance. Some small ornaments and family photos can be placed here, as a welcome greeting for guests.

The wood panel is a special touch in this area. Wood material always carries a natural feel, it looks in contrast to the clean white walls. Something that makes this room stand out.

This style can also be applied to wider corridors.

3. Luxury inside

Like luxury and classic style? This is the right alternative for you! The shape and size of the door is extraordinary, thick with the characteristics of a classic style.

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In order to create harmony and elegance, walls, doors, even drawers and cabinets along the corridor are painted in the same color.

Ornaments and shelves jutting in are the final touches of a narrow corridor that empties into the main room of the apartment.

4. Colorful

Seeing this photo, the enthusiasts of dazzling colors must be interested in imitating it. A bright green wall welcomed guests behind a dark wooden door that looked mediocre.

Together with colorful ornaments like mirrors, photographs, wall hangings, and more.

There is a small table on the side of the wall that complements the decoration of this tiny corridor.

This table also serves as a place to put things, once someone arrives at this apartment. A style that is suitable for cheerful, youthful and modern homes.

5. Modernity

Modernity echoed in the area of the apartment’s entrance. All choices show a style that is very modern and different.

Decorated with simple colors, but harmonious with each other. While the small rug is like a color palette with geometric shapes that attract attention.

This room has two main furniture, one is light green and the other is white. White furniture is equipped with three cabinets to put the occupants’ personal belongings.

Clothes hangers are available so guests can hang their jackets or coats here. There is also a place to put bags.

6. Jetset corridor

For apartments with private main rooms, this corridor is the right choice. This area looks very luxurious with marble floors and knick-knacks on the walls.

Decorated in soothing colors, black and white marble floors, as well as elegant chandeliers.

Everything confirms the luxury of this room. Flower vases with white orchid flowers contribute to the same luxurious atmosphere.

7. Simple and natural

You can also create corridors with natural nuances. In this picture, natural shades are represented by wood on the door, side table and mirror frame. Little ornaments make this area look simple, but still elegant.

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8. Black and pink

Another example of a modern-style corridor, but in a different way, namely colorful and black.

This wall is black, and the place to put the key. On the black wall there is a modern colorful clothes hanger that gives a special touch to the surrounding area.

This clothes hanger can be used by guests to hang their coats or coats. The final touch is an eye-catching pink bench that makes the atmosphere more cheerful.

This home entrance area is interesting thanks to the color game. The absence of furniture along the corridor made this area look spacious.

Jackets and umbrellas can be stored in custom cabinets that are of the same color as the ceiling. The ornate red carpet is ready to welcome guests with colorful warmth.

Simplicity and neutrality welcome anyone who steps into this area. The combination of white and gray produces a neutral impression and what it is.

Guests will also judge yourself as a straightforward person and like practicality. This is because there are no wall hangings along the hallway.

Brownish carpets and ornamental plants are enough to beautify the room. The availability of coat jackets on the walls makes guests feel their presence is expected.

The entrance area of the house (and the whole house) is quite unique because it uses dull white as the dominant color. The glass door becomes a source of light during the day, and the light reflected on the mirror will make this area brighter.

There are not many houses whose walls are decorated with color gradations. Carefulness and patience are needed so that the wall painting work gets the desired results.

In this house, only the entrance area of the house is decorated with color gradations. While the other room is painted white. An interesting idea to leave a deep impression on the guests who enter the house through this area.

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