27+ Stunning Bunk Bed Ideas for Your Home

Stunning Bunk Bed Ideas for Your Home. With more family members or children, automatically you also have to be smart in dealing with the most appropriate room design. Especially for those of you who have a home that is not too large, creativity in the design of the room including the bedroom must also be maximized at all times.

A powerful way to set the design and enough space is to provide a level bed. Lots of inspiring bedrooms with level beds in various sources of existing design magazines.

This article will share the inspiration of the bedroom level for a room that is not too large. This fun bed can also make the room look more spacious, spacious and free!

Sister Sister Bedroom with Minimalist Level Bed

This level bed design is quite simple with the concept of simple minimalist lines. White paint is also chosen for the cool impression that is timeless. Using brightly colored bed linen makes the room feel more stylish.

Also note the selection of different colors for each bed of this level. You can choose red for girls and blue for boys. Enough with a small nightstand, this room can make you feel at home right?

Two-Way Special Level Bed

It is likely that the inspiration of the level bed and furniture uses a custom alias system. Seen if the first bed is made like a regular bed arrangement.

By setting aside a small amount of walking space on the side, a second level bed is made with a slightly sloping staircase to comfortably climb.

If the first bed takes a straight direction, the second level bed takes the opposite direction so that the bottom bed user feels more spacious while sleeping or on the move.

Color Shades That Make Bright Cheerful

This exciting bedroom uses the concept of a level bed dominated by white. Furniture such as cabinets, chairs, until the entire interior of the room also uses beautiful clean white colors.

What makes this room look beautiful is the striking motifs and colors but still charming. Starting from purple carpet, bed linen with colorful blankets to contrasting lighting and small pillows.

Finally, DIY-style wall decorations are also added to make the room feel more comfortable.

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DIY Level Bed With Hanging Rope System

Suitable for active boys and teenagers who are active, level beds from wooden pallets equipped with quality mattresses are far from being boring and super exciting with a rope hanging system.

For the comfort of this level bed, make sure the condition of the strap is retained at all times. If you are really interested in this inspiration, you can also try it in DIY style or use professional services.


Matching Furniture with Exciting Level Beds

The furniture set trend also hit the level bed which looks more special when used together. Use a level bed that is in line with the furniture is recommended, so that the bed room looks more neat and uniform.

Luxury Cruise Ship Level Beds

This level bed design uses the concept of a luxury cruise ship, complete with a wooden deck painted in an exclusive blue color.

Because it blends in with the walls of the room, each bed area looks extra comfortable with soft pillows and bolsters and has its own unique privacy.

Bed Levels at Once Place to Relax Your Child

Today there are many beautiful and more luxurious level bed models. As in the inspiration above, the lower level bed looks bigger with extra storage in the form of a child drawer that can be pulled. With a small staircase on the side, a top-level bed is suitable for sleeping while relaxing together.

A touch of modern classics that is timeless may be tried for those of you who have a small bedroom and don’t want to spend a lot of interior or maintenance costs. In addition, there is also a pull as an extra spacious room.

Small Bedroom with Maximum Level Bed

The bed size can be adjusted according to the number of members who will use it. In fact, level beds can also be arranged in layers in a small bedroom and accommodate up to 5 people.

Dear Children ‘s Bedroom

For those of you who want to find a level bed design for your little one, make sure the size and height of the bed is always ideal with his age. In addition, use an interior theme with a variety of wall hangings that can make their bedroom atmosphere more attractive.

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Level Beds Do Not Mean Narrow

Take advantage of the length of the room to make extra special space for stairs to climb upstairs beds. Thus, those who use lower-level beds will not feel too narrow.

Sloping Concept for Extra Level Beds

Make the most of the available space. The trick is to take the long section of the room for the concept of a double bed arranged in stages with a single-sized bed. Laying the ladder in the middle is also easily accessible, plus it can be diverted as extra storage to get around the space that has been used up.

Family Bedroom with Level Bed

Your child often still wants to sleep with parents? fill by building extra space at the top with stairs on the side. Besides being able to play fun, parents can also watch while enjoying a large space for themselves.

All are happy with a private bed

The preparation of a smart level bed will make its users feel happy and not subject to privacy. The inspiration above uses a fairly simple concept, which is to separate two level beds in the opposite direction. In addition, each room also has a small bookshelf for their trinkets. Interesting right?

The lowest part of the level bed is a place of creativity exploration in presenting practical extra storage containers.

This level of bed inspiration selects shelves and drawers with good symmetrical shapes. In addition, the level bed also has the right width so the bedroom does not look cramped and has the right amount of movement.

With the right design, a narrow bedroom can be transformed into an interior that blends perfectly with your level bed.

Inspiration of this level bed places the bed in the shape of an L and has a small staircase that is safe for the upper level bed.

Not to forget, the empty space on the upper level bed is also inserted with a practical bookshelf similar. As a result, all family members get comfortable beds.

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