30+ Cool Music Studio Ideas and How to Build One

Music Studio and How to Build One. Playing music is one way to channel creativity as well as talent. Not only the origin of playing music, musicians will also usually produce a product in the form of songs recorded in a studio.

For those who are musicians or just a hobby of playing music must have one or two instrument tools to play the music.

Even sometimes the studio space in their house becomes very important for them because in that place they can continue to practice and work.

When the musicians work of course they also include people who are moody for various things.

Whether it is when practicing or writing or making songs. Therefore keeping the mood will make them more productive. It is also determined by the studio room where they practice.

The better the design the better the music development will also be generated.

Being able to enjoy the outside scenery will be good for the musician. The corner rooms are made into large windows. Then another corner is used to place bookshelves.

This shelf itself can be used to store inspirational material such as music books and books of required songs.

For those of you who like music and productively give birth to work, having a private studio in the house is probably one of the greatest dreams.

Multiple conveniences will find you with a music studio just a step away from your living room. No more time limitations in the work, you can even gain profit by renting the studio to fellow musicians.

1. Select a Broad Sized Room

The more spacious the room the better the quality of music produced. Spacious music studios can provide more space for musical instruments and other support equipment.

The use of minimalist furniture in the music room is very useful to give more space. The spacious room is also a great gathering place for fellow musicians but do not forget the appropriate lighting arrangement.

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2. Use Sound Dampening

Noisy atmosphere around your residence can reduce the quality of music produced. That is where the dampening function is needed.

Try using drywall and wood paneling around the walls to produce better acoustic quality. The role of minimalist furniture as adders silencer is a trick that is also telling.

Complete your studio with some kind of minimalist furniture for the convenience of work. Keep in mind also that the sound generated AC can also reduce the quality of acoustics, so you should choose air conditioning with a sound engine as smooth as possible.

3. Asymmetrical Wall Application

In addition to soundproof, the design of a music studio should also be able to reduce the reflection of sound.

When the sound of a musical instrument is heard and bounces off the hard object in the room and sounds back into your ear, that is the reflection sound.

Avoid using a square room with the same side of each other, because the sound will be more easily reflected. Use an asymmetrical wall like the picture above to minimize the reflected area.

Complete your studio with minimalist furniture in the form of sofas, tables and chairs to absorb the sounds produced in order to reduce the reflected sounds.

The raw wooden skirts on the minimalist media furniture are appropriate for the function.

4. Build a High-Sized Ceiling

In addition to adding minimalist furniture in the music room, you can also strive to create a high enough ceiling is also important to help reduce the sound of reflection.

Wood paneling on the top of the room can maximize soundproofing so it helps when you do recording.

5. Coat the Floor with Parquet

Carpeted floors are often found in music studios, unfortunately the carpet material makes it dirty and smelly more easily. Although the carpet does have the nature of muffling the sound, but because of frequent passing can make carpet more quickly obsolete.

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As an alternative try using parquet on the entire surface of the floor. In addition to aligned with the minimalist furniture that you already have, the parquet floor is also easier when cleaned.

The sounds around the house greatly affect the quality of the music produced, because it required silencers for the music studio.

Use drywall and wood paneling around the walls to produce good acoustic quality.

The choice of soundproofing material should also be considered, since election errors can cause sound everywhere.

Also required a strong frame to support the load of silencer that will be installed on the wall of the room.

Then note also the selection of AC, because the sound generated AC can reduce the quality of music produced.

Before the soundproofing material is installed, you should also organize all electronic and mechanical elements.

Make sure the ventilation and air ducts that enter the studio are sufficient and not blocked.

As a complement to comfort, add a studio with some kind of minimalist furniture. Minimalist furniture is also a precise trick that acts as an enhancer silencer.

Provide also comfortable sofas, tables and cozy little benches with tables around the studio. Do not forget to notice the color of furniture and color studio to look harmonious.

Carpets are generally used studio music as a floor layer. Actually the use of carpeted floor is not appropriate.

Carpet is a material that quickly gets dirty and easily smells. Alternatively, try using parquet on all floor surfaces.

Parquet will look match with minimalist furniture and floor with parquet also easy when cleaned than if using carpet.

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