30 Smart Clothes Organization Ideas in Small Space

Smart Clothes Organization Ideas. Do you know which are the two main problems of a woman? the first and foremost is when they do not have clothes to wear, while the second and the most true. women never have enough space for wardrobes, cosmetics, bags and shoes.

When in fact you do not need to have too much space for your new clothes.

How ? sounds familiar, maybe you have even experienced it yourself. Basically the following solutions will help you to organize your closet and drawers.

Clothes Organization Use PVC pipe to store your accessories, scarves or belts

Your collection of clothes and shoes at home more and more? Maybe it’s time you consider to design a wardrobe and a special room or better known as walk in closet.

Before discussing the function and how to design wardrobe and walk in closet, let us first understand the two terms.

Wardrobe is a term commonly used for wall cabinets for clothing.

While Walk in Closet is a special room that functioned as an area to change clothes to make up.

Walk in closet is generally located between the bedroom and bathroom. This room is equipped with wardrobe to store clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.

There is even a walk in closet that has a mirror and dressing table, so it gives ease when dressing yourself or dressing up.

Unfortunately, the limited room size makes many of us think it is impossible to design a special room for a collection of clothes and shoes. But wait a minute, you should not be discouraged.

How big or small the room size, you can actually make a mini wardrobe walk in closet.

Not difficult to design walk in closet for large room. But for a small one you need a little creativity.

With the right idea and application, you can also have a mini wardrobe inside your small bedroom.

For small bedrooms such as dorm room, apartment or even bedroom in your house, use narrow space with the use of single beds. At the bedside, design your mini wardrobe of your dreams with a pole that functions as a clothes hanger. At the bottom, you can put a collection of shoes or bags.

Is there an area left in the corner of the bedroom? Make use of making wooden shelves as a place to store and hang your clothes.

In addition to hanging clothes, you can also put clothes that folded. Shoe collection can also be placed on the bottom.

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Use the size of wooden shelves tailored to the condition of the bedroom space. If possible, you can place two wooden shelves at once as shown in the picture.

In addition to hanging clothes, you can also fold and place it in an open cabinet or drawer.

To make this type of wardrobe design, you are required to first measure the area to be used as a walk in closet. Adjust the amount of clothing, shoes and accessories that you have.

So you simply create a shelf or drawer that is made as needed only with a fairly efficient budget.

For those of you who like rustic style or want to present a unique rustic style in the wardrobe, the wooden crates are the answer.

Arrange a few wooden crates and attach them to one another so that they resemble cupboards. You can put folded clothes, shoes or bags inside.

A slim wardrobe with a mirror as a decorative door element can also be a complement. Aside from being a place to store clothes, you can use the closet mirror door as a makeup medium.

Voila! Mini wardrobe now you can have in your small bedroom. Bedroom space will look more functional with the additional walk in closet.

Regardless of the size of your closet, the most important component in a walk in closet is the organization! Before you add the fixtures, lighting, and all your clothes, there’s something you need to take care of first!

Limit the items that will fit into your walk in closet. This is useful to make your walk in closet look more beautiful and eliminate visual clutter. Some guidelines for choosing which walk in closet and which do not include:

Donate all clothes that you didn’t wear last year.

Donate or recycle all accessories and clothing that are damaged, torn, stained, and others.

After sorting the contents of the closet, now is the time to be creative in the walk in closet you open! Here are some ideas for setting up walk in closet that can make it look prettier, tidy, and functional!

Color coordination

Hang items such as pants, tops, dresses and jackets in the same area of the same color. Using the same type of hangers and matching colors also helps you to make the color coordination look more beautiful. Besides that you also make it easier to find your clothes!

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A space for all season

If you frequently travel abroad, of course you have clothes that can be used only in certain seasons. Get used to cleaning and storing your seasonal items. Store in vacuum plastic so it does not take up much space. This will make your walk in closet look more spacious and neat.

Invest in a drawer

Drawers are the best investment when you make a walk in closet. Choose a shallow and deep drawer combination. Don’t forget to add a divider in the drawer so that there is a small compartment in the closet to store your tie, underwear, or accessories. It’s easier to find objects in a shallow drawer than to pile them all up

Organize small items

Small items here for example accessories. Use trays or drawers to store your accessories. Belts, ties, necklaces, rings, small cubicles for storing them can be the best choice for you!

Show your day

A great way to give a new look every day for your walk in closet is to hang your day! Provide a space or corner for where to put what clothes you want to wear the next day or in this week. Add mood board or theme in this week or your inspiration model so that the walk in closet look is more lively!

Open shelves

Open shelves are the best investment to showcase your collection. Aside from being a storage area, open shelves can be a place to showcase your favorite bags, shoes, or clothes!

Light it up

Add warm lighting in your walk in closet area. Give light with low voltage in the area of  cabinets, drawers, or other dark corners. Use automatic lighting for your closed cabinets. Good lighting that can highlight your favorite items and make it easier for you to find items in the closet.

Keep the walk in closet neat

The last and most important tip is always keep your walk in closet look! Re-enter all the items you used in place. If there is one part that appears always untidy, consider reconsidering the way to set it up to stay neat. For example, add a large, closed basket that can hold all your items.

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