31+ Gorgeous Lounge Bar Rooftop Design You Will Love

Gorgeous Lounge Bar Rooftop Design. This place is an outdoor area for visitors to relax and socialize in an open area after eating their food. One area in city skyscrapers serves bar-style drinks such as wine, cocktails, champagne and various other beverages.

Bars with membrane roofs and surrounding water pools are the main focal points in this area. The relaxing area is scattered around the place with a comfortable curved sofa and round table decorated with lights.

The rooftop bar located at hotel presents a 360 degree view of crowded city. This one roof provides freshness in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. The botanical garden adorns this area.

Not only that, visitors can also be refreshed through a large pool. This area can only be accessed through the 17th floor of the hotel building or from the 11th floor of residence. Of course the opening time of this place is limited from 8:00 to 10:00.

This one roof bar is on this style hotel, this lounge offers a comfortable place with a classmate resort appearance and presents nice views around city.

Various materials are used such as wood paneling, sea glass, glistening tiles, and beach shades on the sofa stand in this relaxed bar.

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The bar area is on the lower floor close to the swimming pool, while the rooftop area becomes an open and spacious lounge with several division of relaxing areas.

The loungeĀ  has a very striking bar in the area around city. Located on the 7th floor, this bar is usually filled with young people. Minimalist decor with industrial style makes it an eye-catchy bar.

The combination of black and white monochrome patterns combined beautifully in various furniture, both in chairs, sofas, up to the ceiling.

This bar also has a large area with open space that has a large enough capacity. The bar presents a small private room with AC facilities in it.

Eating in a rooftop area certainly has become a favorite of the people of city.

After fatigue from the city traffic, you can spend time relaxing while staring at the sky and the city. Not only the scenery, the freshness of the plants that grow around the rooftop will provide freshness.

In addition to its stylish interior design with hanging plants, several corners of this area are also equipped with a reading area.

Novel thick books are provided in this place. So you want to linger on the rooftop, right.

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This bar is a bar with the appearance of a magical rooftop garden in the city. This roof terrace is equipped with a pool, lounge chairs and also a dining area.

You can get a variety of positions and areas from relaxing in the pool, sitting at the dining table, of course the service is still provided as best as possible. The scenery presented is equally beautiful with various other rooftop areas.

The restaurant provides grill, an open kitchen that displays authentic tandoori ovens, and a bar that looks directly into the beautiful ocean.

This Bar has three unique dining areas, and each area has its own characteristics, from the typical Japanese area, a room decorated with Balinese characteristics, and a beautiful private room equipped with a wooden table that can occupy eight people.

Although not located right next to the beach, the beauty of the Bali ocean can still be seen from its height.

Accompanied by cocktail and signature drinks, or delicious Asian and Continental cuisine, this place must be visited.

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