33+ Smart Storage Shed Outdoor Ideas for Your Home

Smart Storage Shed. Too much storage in the house causes the area of the house to become full and congested. However, just removing it is certainly not an easy thing, remembering that these objects are still needed and still functioning properly, it’s just that the usage is not too frequent.

The solution, inevitably you have to provide a special storage area.

If the area in the house is too full, outdoor or outdoor areas can also be a storage space for gardening equipment, clean equipment, outdoor furniture, and unused objects outside the home. Look at the following things before building an outdoor storage.

Determine what objects need to be stored in outdoor storage

By paying attention to your needs, you need to consider what objects need to be stored in outdoor storage before building outdoor storage.

Will you use it to store medium-sized objects such as gardening tools, grass scissors, lawn mowers and hoes, or you will also place large objects, such as used aquariums, ATVs, used chairs, worn tables, etc.

The need for a storage area will help you estimate the size of the outdoor storage space that you will build.

Do you need to install lights and electrical installations in storage places outside the home?

If the place is wide enough and many important objects are placed there, it’s good to install an electrical installation while installing lighting. But if the size of the outdoor storage is not too large, then the installation of electricity and lamps can be ruled out.

Warehouse, garden shed, storage bench or outdoor storage closet

Warehouse, garden shed, outdoor storage closet, and storage bench, the fourth is a storage area that is located separately from the main house / building.

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Not surprisingly, these four storage places are often categorized as outdoor storage. The function is the same, only the size and capacity are different.


The warehouse is an area that resembles a room or cubicle, but its location is separate from the main building. The shape can resemble a semi-permanent building, and sometimes only made of simple construction.

The warehouse is usually used to accommodate goods, whether they are still used or not used. Warehouses are often used to store worn furniture, cleaning tools, obsolete electronics, sports equipment, garden tools, and so on.

Because of the size and size of the items stored here, the warehouse requires installation of electricity and simple lighting to make the room brighter. In addition, there is a need for good air ventilation, so that the conditions in the room become less humid.

Garden shed

Meanwhile, the garden shed is an outdoor storage that is almost the same as a warehouse. However, the garden shed only functions to store and place garden tools.

For that, the location is not far from the park, yard or garden around the house. The size is much smaller than the warehouse. Because of this, the garden shed doesn’t need too much electricity or lighting in it.

Garden shed can act as a focal point in the area outside the house, of course by designing a stylish garden shed and looking match with the concept of the house.

Storage bench

Storage bench, as the name implies, this object is a furniture that has dual functions, as a park bench as well as an outdoor storage area.

Storage bench has the shape of an ordinary chair or long bench, but at the bottom of the seat there is a spacious area that can be used to store smaller objects or equipment. For example, we can store children’s toys, old pots, or grass scissors.

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To create more storage areas, you can provide a set of storage bench, which not only acts as outdoor furniture, but also outdoor storage.

In order to look more chic, you can combine it with a table and patio that is in harmony. Put it in a strategic corner, so even a set of storage bench can be a focal point in your garden / yard.

Outdoor storage closet

The outdoor storage closet is usually only a small cabinet, the size of which can adjust the available space.

This outdoor storage area can be made by using wood, nails, and some woodworking equipment.

The design is quite simple, sometimes even the outdoor storage closet does not have a door, there is only a box-shaped cabinet with small openings on the top or side.

This storage area is often used to store coal and wood / twigs (which can be used for BBQ or fireplaces), or to store / stockpile the trash that is being made into compost.

Of course, the existence of an outdoor storage closet will be very useful considering that compost, coal, and wood storage are impossible in the home area.

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