43+ Amazing Huntsman Cabin Decoration Ideas

Huntsman Cabin Decoration. For those of you who like adventure or love the wild, of course the rustic bedroom will highlight the natural and natural impression like wilderness or wilderness will be very interesting.

To present the natural and natural impression of the wild, you can use wooden bars as ceilings or furniture in the bedroom.

Ever thought of using ingredients in the natural environment in designing home decorations?

You can use the natural surroundings in decorating a bedroom. Examples such as using a tree branch as a bed decoration or clothes hanger in a rustic bedroom, placing fake plants, so the concept as well as the impression of rustic home decoration in the bedroom will be thicker.

The bedroom design that you can try next is by highlighting the rustic concept through the selection of natural or natural wood furniture such as using small chunks of wood with the legs carved into a table to be placed on the side of the bed.

Besides that, you can also add dried tree ornaments on the table to add to the rustic impression they cause.

The continent of Africa with all its exoticism, tradition, and still wild nature, presents unique characteristics. There are hundreds of tribes inhabiting the African continent, each with its own language and lifestyle. But one thing is certain, African people still live side by side with nature in harmony.

All characteristics of the African continent can be expressed in African decorating and interior design ideas. Maybe not many people make reviews about this exotic continent, but there’s no harm in making a little about what kind of African interior decoration can be applied to a house.

Here, you don’t need to make your home building totally resemble homes in Africa, but simply adapt the African design style to its interior design.

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By applying African decorating and interior design concepts, it is not impossible that this will make your dwelling unique and different from other dwellings, which will also make your dwelling known for its very thick African design style.

African nature is still full of wild life where many wild and wild animals live side by side with humans. Not surprisingly, animal print motifs are so closely related to the daily lives of African people.

Present animal print or animal motifs, especially wild and wild animals such as tigers, lions, cheetahs, giraffes in cushion form, upholstery, cloth, carpet, wall paper, lamp shade, to window curtains. You can bring two or three animal motifs into different elements.

However, be careful in combining animal skin motifs, because if too often presented in each corner of the house, this can actually create a contrast and too crowded, so the room looks excessive. If chosen and placed correctly, this animal motif will represent African wild life well.

Choose colors that represent Africa

Colors that are identical to Africa are brick red, orange, ground brown, green, black, white, gray, and other colors that resemble animal skin color. Present one of the colors as the base color of your room, while the other colors are just the accents.

African vases, candle holders and pottery

African people also still use manually produced household goods or equipment, and not from machines. For this reason, most household furniture is made from clay, woven leaves or roots, soapstone, shellfish, seeds, to the bones and skin of prey animals. You may not have to present all the furniture, which sounds very “extreme” in our ears.

But, just take advantage of woven furniture, pottery, or clay, and minimize, or even avoid using modern devices that are too flashy, such as iron, plastic or vinyl equipment.

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Furniture with wood materials and a slightly rustic appearance

Furniture to support African decoration should be made of dark wood, with finishing that is a bit rough and rustic, thus strengthening the African natural nuances. The type of wood that can be chosen for furniture in African decorations is mahogany.

Alternatively, use bamboo furniture, especially for non-formal nuances, such as tables and chairs on the porch or backyard. You can paint it in a dark color and add a little mosaic motif, or you can leave it with the original color and texture.

In addition, the form of furniture should be rough and asymmetrical and irregular, with intricate details and natural lines, which seem to occur due to natural processes, not the touch of human hands.

Lilac flowers and sunflowers as accessories in African-style rooms

To enhance the appearance of the room, it also makes the room more thick in its African feel, add lilac flowers. This flower is chosen to provide a warm and reassuring atmosphere. Meanwhile, also add sunflowers.

Sunflower serves as a representation of the sun, which is a symbol of life for African people. This is understandable, given that African life is indeed thick with its arid nature with the abundance of deserts and abundant sunshine.

These sunflowers and lilacs can be assembled and presented at once in one or several vases, then place them on a table or other corners which are the focal points for decorating your room.

In addition to lilac and sun flowers, other accessories that can be presented in the room are shellfish, imitation wild animal bones, imitation animal skins, rocks, etc.

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