Amazing Small Lake House to Escape from Daily Life

Inspiring small lake house, the phrase ‘Less is more’ brought forth by these house owner and architect. Despite having a small form of building, homeowner is able to build a comfortable dwelling wrapped in attractive design.

These tiny houses have only the main rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. the layout was even made together to make space look more spacious and efficient.

Small Lake House Cabin Collection

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Viewed from the front, this building is covered by black corrugated iron.

Inside, this house looks bright with the use of plywood. The colors and texture of the triplex are also left to resemble the original.

The differences can be seen easily because the face of this building is only coated with glass.

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The owner can open the glass to enjoy the rustic air, or let it be closed while enjoying the scenery.

The glass is in front of the house is connecting open space outside with the main room in this house.

The space is open concept minimal barrier. Inside there is a living room, kitchen and fireplace. Looking deeper, in this room there is also a bathroom in the middle of the volume of the house.

The bathroom separates the main room with studio and bedroom. In addition to beautiful, this building is also special because it uses solar panels for limited electrical purposes.

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The building also accommodates and reuses rainwater for various purposes.

The contrast of color between the exterior and the interior helps blend the building into the forest, while providing a quiet space with wide lake views.

Slightly tilted back, the house moistens the natural light that illuminates the interior.

Inside, the metal stair steps connect the main living room with the dining room and kitchen to the loft bed above, which has stunning views.

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