34+ Exotic and Luxury Arabian Bedroom Ideas

Arabian bedroom design or better known as Arabian style is very unique. Namely a room space designed in Arabian style. Usually this design is synonymous with luxury, is it like that?

Arab community does not all have abundant wealth, but their interior design always gives a touch of luxury that becomes an idea for the designers.

Bedrooms with style like this is being a trend for the upstairs, many who have applied this style in their bedroom, either in the bedroom of the house or in the apartment.

However, there is something you should look at before deciding to design an Arabian-style bedroom for the bedroom in a small apartment.

To design the bedroom of your apartment in Arabic style, you can see some of the following.

Arabian bedroom Style Design

Unfortunately, not all apartment rooms are suitable to create a real Arabic design, because the room must have high ceilings and a spacious bedroom that can accommodate the bed and furniture that accompany the room decoration.

But here I will help you to plan Arabic design with oriental flavor in a small bedroom.

In order for the Arab style to be attached, the selection of Arabic-style furniture should be considered.

Bed for Arabic style interior should be spacious and low. If you already bought a bed with a different model, you can use the canopy and curtains to decorate and cover the flaws behind the decor.

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Selection of curtains as you wish. To display the impression of luxury, you can choose with made from heavy silk and velvet color saturated, decorated with gold-colored fringes and tassels.

Arabian bedroom Style Materials

The main ingredients of interior-style interior decoration are using bronze and copper.

To complement the Arabian-style bedroom design, you can add lights carved with chassis, floor vases, and add oriental fragrances.

Odor strongly influences one’s perception of the atmosphere of the room. You can use scented candles or incense to add fragrance in your apartment bedroom space.

Middle Eastern-style architectural design is synonymous with the use of bold colors like bright red, blue, yellow, and purple.

Application of the color group is mostly combined with neutral colors that have a calming feel such as sand, brown, beige, or white.

Yes, the use of bright colors become one of the characteristics that are attached to Middle Eastern-style buildings such as Arab States.

Which of course combined with its unique shape so that the architectural design that developed in the West Asian region looks interesting and antique.

In addition, the Arabian concept also has ethnic nuances that are full of cultural values of the country of origin.

For those of you who want to present a compelling exotic impression, the Arabian building theme can be your inspiration.

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Create a feel of captivating deserts by applying Middle Eastern-style designs to your interior dwelling.

For example, in the bedroom with the style, then the room will look more attractive with a different impression. You also can feel more comfortable when spending time in it.

Arabian bedroom Style Colors

You can enter Arabian nuances in private rooms through a blend of colors that will later be combined with typical Middle Eastern furniture or accessories.

Choose a bright color tone like yellow. To compensate, mix with a brown neutral color that is also a color that is usually always attached to Arab interior design.

Put yellow on the entire surface of the wall. In order for the Middle East theme looks prominent, you can create a textured wall by applying the yellow color using decorative techniques.

Then splash brown on the floor and wall made of wood material. Brown color can also be used again for example on the furniture bed, console table, and wall hangings that all adopt the design of the Middle East.

Do not forget to spread the typical Arabian cloth as a display on the wall or use the bed sheet and pillows that are characterized by the desert culture.

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