Campervan room ideas from the world’s best interior designers

Lets talk about campervan room ideas, Small space design can be hard to built and manage. But they can also be a blessing in design disguise. From small bedroom ideas and small kitchen or even just small space storage solutions, we’ve delved in to bring you clever, stylish ideas for every campervan space.

Campervan room ideas with WOODEN BOX BED

One of amazing small bedroom ideas. In an attic room, the box bed is low light ambience, make it so comfy. Persian carpet make it so adorable.


Campervan room ideas with WOODEN TEXTURE IN SMALL SPACE

Using different patterns in a small space works best if you stick to one colour scheme. In this campervan, creamy wooden like texture has been used. The curtains and carpet are made up in a discontinued fabric that interior designer. I recommends looking for inexpensive off-cuts, available direct from individual fabric manufacturers.

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This small space has been used to display books, ornaments and artwork with shelving that surrounds a comfy bedroom. The shelves are painted grey to match the walls and papered at the back with a geometric pattern to reflect the bedroom fabric.

Campervan room ideas with TINY KITCHEN

This space gives onto a tiny kitchen in this efficient campervan.


Here another campervan inspiring interior picture



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  1. I love to escape from the crowd to a new place in my camper-van as you also did… and I just like your blog because you always share a good post with us. I’m living in my van for 3 years and enjoyed the whole time, and after seeing peoples like you who are sharing their amazing memories with us planning to start my own blog soon… you are really amazing…

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