Christmas Table Decoration Ideas You Will Love

One of the important spaces when celebrating Christmas is the dining room. Festive and big events are of course accompanied by family gatherings and meals together.

The dining room also needs to be uniquely designed with a Christmas theme and ornaments. From tablecloths, cutlery, to candles, or to sweeteners, you need to think about enlivening this event. Here are some dining room decorations that can be your inspiration for Christmas tomorrow!

This scottish style pattern gives a vibrant color and impression to the room. Surrounded by the interior of the room with wood material the color of plaid becomes outstanding in it. With a casual look, this dining room becomes more attractive with its plaid tablecloth.

For those who do not have time to prepare festive decorations, even the simple dining room will look attractive. By not decorating excessively this room will not look strange and forced. By adding plants and decorated with deer toys, the dining table gives a simple and unique Christmas atmosphere.

Long tables equipped with miniature trees and dry plants provide a green atmosphere in the room. Not only on the table, but also the shelves and chairs are given the decoration. Gift parcels become a decorator for a greeting card that adds the impression of a party in a lively dining room.

Not only plants, but also pine cones, apples, candles, and other unique ball ornaments become an attraction on the dining table. This red and green theme signifies Christmas festivities. Adding to each dinner plate there is an ornamental face of the saint who became an iconic big day.

Gold and white theme. A combination of elegance and holiness on Christmas day. Both colors are combined without any other colors decorating this dining room.

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From gold tablecloths, golden pumpkins, and also golden deer decorations adorn the table. Then on the part of the wall there was a deer head hanger and white and gold socks enlivening the Christmas atmosphere with beautiful white gold decorations.

The selection of themes is important for presenting table decorations that show unity. You can choose a theme based on color or appearance like vintage, Victorian, or Scandinavian. By determining the theme from the start, shopping is even easier because you already know the item to be searched.

Whatever the theme, white linen is the choice of neutral tablecloths. You can buy units or at the same time meter. If you want to be similar, use the same cloth to make a napkin.

For outdoor Christmas celebrations, use water-proof tablecloths and oil (oilcloth) which are widely sold on the market. Besides being easy to clean, this tablecloth also has many variations of colors and motifs.

1. Spoon and Fork

Don’t leave your spoon and fork. Add a little ‘clothes’ with Christmas nuances and even more special dinners.

2. Napkins

Ordinary napkins will look more Christmas nuanced with a little decoration. Combine it with cinnamon, string and pine leaves, so the sweet Christmas napkin is ready to decorate the dining table.

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Candles can be beautiful and cheap table trinkets, especially if the Christmas dinner takes place at night. Various tall candle holders with different heights can be used as centerpieces. If there are many children, you should choose a candle without fire that is not dangerous.

In the selection of table trinkets, don’t forget to consider the size of the table and the amount of food to be served.

Vases or small bottles of flowers can also be a choice of beautiful and practical table trinkets. This decoration can be moved as needed.

If you don’t have time to prepare, now Christmas items are available on the market. Just choose according to the theme you made. Creative creation!

3. Dining Table Candles

No need to be complicated to make ordinary candles look more elegant. You just put it in a transparent glass and start decorating it with Christmas decorations.

4. Chairs

Use a little ribbon and artificial cypress leaves to make your usual chair more attractive

5. Name Tag

Giving name tags will make dinner feel more ‘prepared’. No need to make a difficult name tag, just by printing each family name and giving a little imitation fir leaves

Such are some dining table decorating ideas that can be made alone with simple ingredients. Good luck!

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