Gorgeous Restaurant’s Green and Natural Interior Design

Natural interior design applied in this one of the walls of this restaurant is decorated with unique and eye-catching lined plant pots. The use of green pots coupled with couch patterned sofas make the atmosphere a green and fresh interior.

The natural interior design light

The natural light coming through the big windows makes this restaurant look warm and cozy.

The use of natural materials such as wood combined with industrial furnishings as complementary to each other.

Natural Interior Design with Exposed brick walls

Exposed brick walls, partition walls of wood painted green but still show the wood fibers, and the difference in green floor level as if creating a natural green oasis.

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One of the other corners in this restaurant look interesting also with the walls are inscribed with various menus and writing as in blackboard.

The use of lights with a gradation of green color is also increasingly beautify the interior design of the room in this restaurant.

The look is simple and attractive for a vegetarian restaurant in a natural contemporary style.

Natural Interior Design with Hanging Plants

Green garden concept presented by the hanging plants that decorate the entire interior. The interior room is equipped with electric blue sofa that stands out in side with the concrete wall. In addition there is also a high metal chair accompanied by a matching white table.

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The walls are covered with a variety of striking materials and among them there are some beautiful natural mural. White wood and bricks are also increasingly beautify the look of this restaurant. A beautiful, cozy, and intimate atmosphere to spend your afternoon with your family and close friends.

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