Minimalist Elegance Interior Inspirations for Your Small Balcony

In summer, the sun shines beautifully. The beauty of the blue sky is clearly visible without clouds. A Small Balcony make very pleasant atmosphere. At times like this, the balcony is one of the best corners to enjoy the atmosphere. But sometimes, the condition of the less than ideal balcony can disturb us while enjoying the day in the summer. Small size for example. Or the balcony height is too low which makes us even harder to hold up the head.

Small balcony? This is something that is common nowadays. Especially on the apartments in big cities. Rapid population increase, making the level of demand for occupancy increased free. With high demand, the price of vertical housing such as apartments also went high. In order to remain affordable, not infrequently the developers do pruning on several sides. One of them is a balcony. The size is reduced to reduce production costs.

No matter how big a balcony or terrace on the top floor, you can always make it look charming! Even the smallest place in the home can be a prominent part of the house. So we hope you can restore confidence on your small balcony.

Minimalist elegance, modern neatness, to eclectic charm. Please sit back and relax enjoying these nice picture for your inspirations.

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This narrow balcony radiates life and color. Surrounded by flowers and plants, this place reflects the integrity of personality.

Carpet striped on the floor makes the atmosphere comfortable and quiet. Coffee tables in front of comfy couches, lounge chairs and blankets accentuate perfect hospitality, though outside the air is a bit cold. The warm light from the lantern will illuminate this place. Really beautiful and eclectic!


This balcony has transformed into a dazzling modern place outdoors. Black, creamy and bright red schemes that are thick and simple complement the various shades of the wooden floor beneath.

This terrace / balcony is small, but it exudes all kinds of uniqueness uniquely. Large, curved green chairs perched on the end of a wooden table that was also all-rounded. As if the two of them combined into one.

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Although simple and open, it does not mean this balcony does not need to be enhanced. Sometimes what a place needs to be interesting is the tile floor. You can enjoy panoramic scenery with friends while sitting in the green bamboo chair.

The designers of this narrow balcony have maximized the limited space brilliantly. They have filled it with colors and plants for extra life and freshness. While the unique furniture makes the area friendly and looks comfortable. There is a thick Mediterranean flavor in it. Big cushions on the chairs can be used to sit. The small table in front of it is very low for easy access. We love this colorful balcony. It still feels spacious although small and limited!

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