Minimalist Hanging Wall Organizer Ideas

Minimalist Hanging Wall Organizer – The concept of a minimalist home is the maximum use of space. That’s why a minimalist concept house is the choice of urban communities in building new dwellings. With minimal land can be maximized for a home that is comfortable and beautiful to the eye.

The minimalist concept is not only used in the exterior design of a house, but also applied in the house. Many minimalist furniture with a simple but beautiful shape that can be used to save space. One piece of furniture that can be used to save space is a minimalist outboard wall shelf.

When we talk about the shelf wall paste we might imagine a shelf for storing box-shaped books with barriers in them. Today many models and shapes of wall shelves are unique and beautiful to the eye. So that in addition to being a tool for storing various kinds of items, a minimalist wall shelf can also be used to display decorative objects or collection objects.

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Why Choose Wall Shelves?

Minimalist homes usually have spaces that are not too wide so creativity is needed in planning and placement of goods. The wall becomes a part that can be used to maximize the room with an attached wall shelf. Aside from being a place to store items, a unique wall shelf can also be a room decorator instead of painting or photos.

a. Where Are Wall Shelves Installed?

Minimalist outboard wall shelves from wood we can put in various rooms in the house. We can put a wall shelf in the living room, bedroom, even in the kitchen to store seasoning.

For the living room, you should choose a minimalist outboard wall shelf with a simple but unique shape. The uniqueness of the shape of the wall shelves will add to the beauty of the room as well as the attraction of visiting guests.

b. How to Install a Minimalist Paste Wall Rack

Paste wall shelves are actually quite easy to install. But you need help from others to make it easier to install. The first step in installing a wall shelf is to determine the location of the rack and the right height of the rack.

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Make sure the rack is in the right position and not tilted by looking at it from a distance. After feeling right, mark the place to hang the shelf with a pencil. Drill the wall in the marked position to install the screw where the wall shelf is hanging.

Various Models of Wooden Paste Wall Shelves

here are some models of wall shelves that can be an inspiration in choosing a wall shelf for your home.

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